Michael Rey – Country Songwriter Website under construction

As we come into the fall season I look back on this great year of 2016. I realize just how far we all have come. We’ve grown, you have grown with us. We are constructing this new Website so you can be a part of what our support team does. The Website will offer you more incite, and allow you to easily be an active part in the songs process. The new site will “Share” buttons for most social media platforms. Updates on the songs. Who and when we pitch the song to. There will be a review section so you can leave your comments if you choose to do so and much more. Below is a picture of one of our pages. “Click” the picture and visit the site. Or “Click here” to let us know if there are any changes or additions we can make to make your stay more exciting.

Being a Country Songwriter is probably the hardest profession I could have chose. We songwriters don’t get a whole lot of glory. We don’t perform on big stages, we don’t really acquire a fan base. We don’t really get known at all. We do lots of work for the artists that perform the song. Behind the curtains is you will. My job as a songwriter is to cover every single possibility of weakness in the song and make it as strong as possible. Not easy. Every year I learn something new about my craft. The one thing I’ve learned, and I never will forget is, “Write Timeless” songs. “Trending” songs are great too. But the “Timeless” songs are the ones that stick with a listener for a lifetime.  I rely on your feedback, I try to make you be a part of the songs growth stages. Many of you can attest to that. My main goal is to earn your support on getting the songs I write out there to other listeners just like you. If we can be a voice for the song, together we can scream to the world. “Sing me”. God bless.



~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on September 15, 2016.

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