How do you support your habit?

Sometimes I consider my habit a blessing and a curse. Through the years I’ve supported my habit with many jobs. From my military career to owning a Mexican restaurant. I’ve never been one to ask for handouts or accept charity. What I am comfortable with is asking for something, and giving something in return.ChileViolinPlayer Which brings me to my habit. My name is Michael Rey, and my habit is “Songwriting”. I believe, to be the best at something, one has to work as hard, or harder than the best. Or, at least make the same sacrifices the best are making. If you’re not familiar with my work you can “Click here” to find out more about me. Back to my habit. I got out of the restaurant business to pursue my songwriting career full time about a year ago. During this time I have been able to hone my songwriting craft and composition skills a great deal. Unfortunately, to be competitive and to stay competitive in today’s Country music market, the Music Industry professionals  (not in all cases) require the song demo’s be professionally done. The songs I write,  we send to “Record Labels, Publishers, A&R rep’s, Music Supervisors) must be top notch to have a fighting chance. It’s not enough to have a great song done on a home recording studio. Unless of course you are already well connected or knows somebody who knows somebody. Recording a great sounding demo requires the use of Million dollar recording studios, the best musicians, producers, engineers and Demo singers available. This is where my habit starts to cost. All of these professionals must be compensated. To accomplish this, I have decided to give you the “Listener” an opportunity to own something near and dear to me. Something I can make with my own hands that will help fund “My habit”. Songwriting & “Recording costs”. I believe it’s a great way to give back to you for giving to song. With this said, I introduce to you my “CHEE – lec- TABLES” A piece of me to you.  For helping me to support my habit. StandUpBassPlayer


~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on August 5, 2016.

One Response to “How do you support your habit?”

  1. Michael Rey You’re A #VeryTalentedSongwriter You’re Talented In More Ways Than One You Can Write Songs Make Cheelectables And You Can Also Draw Some Beautiful Pic As Well Keep Up #GreatWork It’s Going To #PayOff You’ll See I Believe It With #EverythingInMe

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