Please “Like”

Time passes by so quickly in this life. It’s hard to believe I started my career so long ago (well not that long ago) when I was much younger. It wasn’t until I met Paula Wright that I just might have a shot at getting one of my songs cut by a well known artist. Or, placed in a movie, or TV spot. I feel such a great responsibility toward my supports to succeed. So, I don’t cut any corners when it come to the song. I give them grueling tests so I can make sure that every angle has been covered before we pitch the song out. I have to be a lot harder on the song than the people we pitch it to. Hopefully, by doing this, we give the song the best possible chance for placement in the Music Industry. Please “Like” our support page when you get a chance. By doing so, you can stay on top of what’s going on inside of our camp. Paula Wright, thank you so much for convincing me to come out of the closet I built for myself. Coming out was one of the best things I’ve done it my life. God bless.



~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on April 11, 2016.

3 Responses to “Please “Like””

  1. Best Dag Gum #Team in the Land


  3. Michael you have presented nothing but great music. Your songs are beyond great, they’re brilliant!! Cutting corners is just not a part of passion you have for your songs. So, I know without a doubt you’re songs will picked up by some well known artist or put into a 5 star movie with well known actors. Some type of great love story or what they call the “chick flicks”!!! You will be the best and well known country music around!!

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