Nothing keeps me here, Nothing makes me stay

If there’s such a thing as Nothing, wouldn’t there have to be something? Everyone has memories of something. Which, leads me to the concept of this song Sal and I wrote. It was a very tricky concept if you really think about it. In this song we place visual common items like “pictures”, familiar places, a vehicle and two characters. We tossed around many ideas of how we could all make a lasting impression on you the very first time you heard this song. Please look for these areas within the song and let us know what you come up with. You feedback is how we become better at our Songwriting craft. Remember every song we write, or have written has you, “the listener” in mind. “Click the picture” for more more songs by Michael Rey – Country Songwriter.


Nothing keeps me here, Nothing makes me stay
Nothing points all directions, Nothing falls back into place
Nothing keeps no time, Nothing fills no space
Oh there’s Nothing….like the memory of your face

Written by: Sal Vigil & Michael Rey
Performed by: Sal Vigil


~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on February 6, 2016.

2 Responses to “Nothing keeps me here, Nothing makes me stay”

  1. There is Nothing more beautiful than the “memory of your face”. Such an intense song. Another great piece of work Michael!! Keep songs like this coming our way. #TeamMichaelRey

  2. This is such an amazing song. There is nothing more beautiful than “the memory of your face”. Wow, very intense Michael! Only someone as talented and with a craft as yours is able to create this masterpiece…😀 Continue to bring us these songs cause we love it!!! #TeamMichaelRey

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