Say this to her, She may say that to you

Have you ever found yourself without a clue as to what to say to her or him after an altercation with your loved one? I have discovered, that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. Yes, nothing. Try letting a song speak on you behalf. All you’re really trying to do is say I love you in a new way that nobody else has ever used. Right? Well, that’s where I believe music comes in to play. We songwriters are always trying to invent or discover new fresh ways of saying I love you. That’s the beauty in songwriting I absolutely love. Here is a song that has received great feedback with Music Industry Professionals. Some of you may have heard this song before, thank you for listening. For those of you who have not, please listen to this song as if you were telling your loved one. He or she will understand you from a different light. This is the perspective I took when I was writing the song. I keep you in mind at all times. I feel that is very important. Not only do I create a 3 minute connection with you, but in the long run I pray the song will help you reconnect or stay connected with your loved one a life time. When that happens, I’ve done my job. Kick back, close your eyes, “Push Play”, and and say the words to him or her, so he or she may say this to you. God bless, and thank you for your time. Michael Rey.

You can Lean you Love on me

On the day I met you, my life forever changed
I saw the world through different eyes, nothing ever seemed the same
We faced our challenges, obstacles, and tragedies
We always seem to surface, with a little air left to breathe

You can Lean your Love on me any time you feel you can’t go on
You can lean your love on me
If your heart gets heavy and it’s slowing you down
If the winds of the world start to tire you out
Standing in the haze is where I’ll be
You can Lean you Love on me

You stirred up my senses, with the scent of your cologne
I felt my heart pounding, our first time alone
I could see you cared for me, by the tremble in your hands
When I gave myself to you, you became my man.

Written by: Michael Rey & Sal Vigil (BMI)
Copyright 2015

All rights reserved


~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on January 18, 2016.

2 Responses to “Say this to her, She may say that to you”

  1. I Know I’ve found myself in that situation more than once, Now I have an answer to that all eluding question.

  2. Michael Rey CountryMusic Songwriter Has Written This Beautiful CountryPopDuet Honestly He Can’t Write A Bad Song I’ve Yet To Hear One I Think Anyone Who Listens Can Relate & His Songs Are Very Powerful & Memorable

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