Michael Rey – Country Songwriter Support Group 2016

Hello y’all, it’s going to be a Great 2016! God willing. We have lots of great things lined up this 2016 year. I am personally inviting each and every one of you to join. You won’t be disappointed. Last year we met lots of great up and coming artists to connect with “You”,  our fans, and existing members of our large support group. We are designing a new format to make it very easy for you to not only join us this year, but to stay on top of the great news we have to share with you ahead this coming Spring and Summer. By filling out the information box below we will keep you informed in all the happenings of the Michael Rey – Country Songwriter camp. MichaelReyCountrySongwriter26We have recently connected with a great entity based based out of New York, that is well connected with Nashville. Also, we have recently acquired a great Entertainment Attorney to help guide us through our music business this year. You can find about more about this, and much more by joining our support group today. If you have any question you can contact any one of our gifted representatives.




~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on January 12, 2016.

One Response to “Michael Rey – Country Songwriter Support Group 2016”

  1. Without A Doubt, Maybe even the BEST Year ever, well Until next year…#HellYeah

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