Dear David Bowie, …

Dear David Bowie, we have never met before. I am Michael Rey, I to wish to take this opportunity to let you know that your music has been an inspiration to for as long as I can remember. Your unique animated lyrics and performances have had a huge impact on the direction of my Country Music Songwriting career. Yes, country songwriting career. I used to listen to you from my hometown, Hanna, Wyoming on top of a place we called “Tin Can Alley”. We caught you on the airwaves of a radio station “KOMA” out of Oklahoma that played country music in the daytime, and your style of music in the night time. When I first heard your music I was hooked. Cold as heck, trying to pick your songs on a guitar with the wind blowing like crazy, fingers numb never stopped me from trying. You Mr. Bowie gave me the courage to “Dare to be Different”. What I mean is, that you set trends, you didn’t follow them. Which is exactly what I try to do (at a much smaller level that is). I primarily write songs about love, love gone bad, etc. I write in this area because I believe there will always be love and people being hurt by, and looking for, love in this world. Your writing is broad and skillful in the messages you convey through your music as well as your lyrical content. All of your fans, including myself grew up listening to your music. Your music is always be an inspiration me and to the music world.

Drive on,

Michael Rey – Country Songwriter



~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on January 12, 2016.

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