Success & Failure are 1 in the same

I don’t dream anymore. I am WIDE AWAKE. I am READY! … to face the REALITY of SUCCESS, or FAILURE. I am PREPARED! …to handle either.
~ Michael Rey


Much earlier in my Country Music Songwriting career I used to dream of being a big Country Music star. I used to dream of writing and singing my own Country songs. I’d be known for my songwriting as well as my singing. What youngster doesn’t? As time went on, I reached a point of concern that had me really wondering, “oh my, have I wasted precious years of my life chasing a dream that might not come true?”. I used to dwell on the subject a lot. Today having experienced both the feeling of success and failure, I have come to the reality that I am prepared to face either. My definition of Success is, accomplishing greatness in something. Failure, meaning I gave it my very best. I see no difference between the two. At this point in my songwriting career, both are truly winners in my book. I am prepared to handle Success or Failure. “Click” the picture to hear Success and Failure. You decide. Oh, don’t forget to leave a comment. God bless.


~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on December 16, 2015.

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