What?! I can write a song? Absolutely!

Most of you may know me, for those of you who do not I’m Michael Rey – Country Songwriter. Since you’re here, you must be interested in writing songs, or wondering to yourself, what does he mean I too can write songs. Well, let’s get down to business.

Most of you have listened to the songs I write. That’s Great!! For those of you who have not. I encourage you to do so here. PlayNowButtonBefore you do. Try to think of the very first song you were totally wrapped up by. Ask yourself these simple questions. (1.) Where was I when I first heard the song? (2.)What did the song make me feel? (3.) Was I in a good mood at the time?  (4.) Can I still remember the verses and chorus today? (5.) Did it make me want to dance? Okay, go, go have a listen. Please “Like”“Comment”. By doing so you’re helping me and my team very much. At the same time you’re helping and encouraging the next person to engage by leaving a comment as well. Well, now that your back. Hopefully you have the answer to the (5) questions above. I hope you enjoyed our newest song.  Now then, this is all you have to do. Below, there is a comment box. All you have to do is ask your question, any question you ask. I’m doing it this way, so everyone that comes to my site can read, and I don’t get the same question/s twice. Fair enough? Great! I’m ready to answer the first question.                                 “What?! I can write a song?” Absolutely!  


Eric Church, Maranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley



~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on December 14, 2015.

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