COUNTRY – meets – ROCK

Through the years I’ve witnessed many changes in Country music. As I’m sure you have. Me personally, being a Country Music Songwriter I have to pay close attention to the changes going on in today’s country music market.  Here’s a list of what is considered Country Rock its time. As you can see, I use many different things as a reference to help me write the best best possible songs, by studying the best bands and songwriters. “Click” the picture of artists below, when you get to the song, play it so Leave a “Comment” and if you can, share it with everyone you’ve ever known. I’d be eternally grateful.CountryRockArtistsWhen I get ready to write a song,
there are many things I consider first. Is the song going to be something the George would do? He was a master at picking out Country hits. Even though he never wrote his own material. All of his hits were written by songwriters just like me.  I believe 11GeorgeStraitif I take all of the to go over every option necessary to write my song, I11KeithUrban believe the song becomes yours too. After just one listen I’m trying to get you hooked into listening again.  I don’t know if this works for for every songwriter, I just know it seems to work for me. What would the “KING OF COUNTRY” say? Or, what would Keith say if they were asked what kind of changes they’ve seen take place in country music today. I often wonder if they opinions would be mixed. Or they would simply say, it’s what has to happen to keep Country music alive. Many of today’s country fans are outgoing. A little different than from the years before we said “WHEN COUNTRY<<meets>>Rock”




~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on December 10, 2015.

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