…a “Three Minute Journey”

Songs can be inspired in many different ways. It so happens that this particular song was inspired by a real life experience back in 2001. When I first started to write the song, I was actually watching her board the plane. I watched the plane taxi down the runway of the airport. Then, I could see the plane take off and disappear into the night. Right then, I didn’t recognize what I was feeling in my heart. If it was hurt, disappointment or what. I asked myself at the time, “Is this what love means?”. I thought long and hard. If it is was, I thought to myself, well this feeling sucks. As time went on, I realized I could use the title not as a question, but rather a genuine feeling that I could pen and share with others. The song went through many changes and modifications of melody, tempo, and emotion. We cut the song using or home studio. We started posting it last year and  received great feedback from many sources. So, we decided to have the song recorded in Nashville. Have a listen and let the song take you on a “Three Minute Journey”. “Click” the picture below and it’ll take you right to the song.  When you get there, have a listen, and please, leave a comment. Thank you. Michael Rey – Country Songwriter.


Is this what Love means? Written by: Michael Rey Country Songwriter

“Is this what Love means?”

As I watched you board that plane, I knew a piece of me was to blame
As that last red blinking light, faded off into the night I cried
“Is this what love means?”
“Is this what love means?”

When I made it home that night, I stared out towards the midnight sky
I fell down on my weakened knees, Curled up & cursed my foolish pride
“Is this what love means?”
“Is this what love means?”

You’re eight hundred miles away, if you can hear my call
My arms are reaching out to you, my heart’s about to stall
I know in time, you’ll find your piece of mind
“Is this what love means?”
“Is this what love means?”

Every second you’ve been gone, my memories of you linger on & on
All my dreams won’t let you go, you’re not here or I would tell you so
“Is this what love means?”
“Is this what love means?”

Pain is all I feel inside, until I’m back with you
I’m headed out to bring you home, I’ve been such a fool
I wear your pain, your tears run down my face
“Is this what love means?”
“Is this what love means?”

“Is this what love means?”

Written by: Michael Rey (BMI)
Performed by: Adam Cunningham
Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee
Copyright 2015


~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on December 4, 2015.

2 Responses to “…a “Three Minute Journey””

  1. Simply put the best song i’ve heard in a very long long time!

  2. This Song #IsThisWhatLoveMeans Was My Favorite Song but Michael Rey KeepsWriting #GreatHitSong Go by YouTube or #SoundCloud It Has 72,000 plays Listen To Adam Cunningham Singing This #HitSong Written By Michael Rey #CountrySongwriter

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