Am I good enough?

I asked myself, Michael Rey “are you really good enough at what you do?”. First of all, what I do, is write Country Music songs aimed for Major & Independent artists, TV, Movies and Film along with my partner Sal Vigil. He is a very gifted Performing artist and Songwriter in his own right. The competition is fierce. Especially when the market is completely saturated with artists trying to sell the song or CD’s and every other kind of merchandise known to man. I’m assuming they’ve all been told they are the best thing anyone has ever heard since they were old enough to walk. And that’s great! I am very happy for them. In my case, my family & friends were very supportive of my talent to sing & play guitar. They would come out to my gigs and really cheer me on. That felt great. The the support to do what I love turns in to sarcasm. Like get a real job. Music is just a hobby. You’ll never make it. Slowly but surely I started distancing myself from all of that negativity. I know to them a real job is work all week, collect your check, pay the bills, put a little into savings, and what ever is left over maybe go out to dinner or something like that. Well, in my case, I work anywhere up to 18 hours a day writing and letting you fine people know I exist via Twitter, Google, and various other platforms. My answer is, “If I truly didn’t think I was good enough to this Music business I would quit. I wouldn’t do it part time or anytime.” So, “yes”, I believe I’m good enough, and I believe that I work hard enough. I believe “YOU”, you’ve inspired me countless time to keep doing what I believe in. So I will. “YOU” have my word.  Thank you, be blessed. p.s. please share this.

63W, 63H,63J

63W, 63H,63J

~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on August 25, 2015.

3 Responses to “Am I good enough?”

  1. I have known that talented writer for 16 years and have never known him to ever take even one day where he did not do something with his music. Michael has so much passion for his craft that it is infectious but not in any way harmful to your health if you love great music with style talent and heart then Michael Rey’s music is for you! Its that simple.

  2. Definitely a true talent you have Michael Rey. I’m extremely blesse to be able to call you a friend and know you. You are absolutely beyond Good Enough, to do what you do. The support you had as a child to be able to fulfill your dreams as an adult is amazing. Many do not continue, especially after negativity and sarcasm. In your case you went over that and continued on to bring us the listeners music that touches us in some form or another. I, myself am beyond grateful For your masterpieces!! Yes, masterpieces !!! Do not stop and continue to do what your passionate about because we love it!! Many blessings to you as you continue to thrive in your career and future!! 😀🎶🎸❤️

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