Nothing Keeps Me Here, Nothing makes me stay

Nothing keeps me here~>***ME***<~Nothing makes me stay

Nothing points all directions, Nothing leads back to its place.

Nothing keeps no time, Nothing takes no space.

Nothing keeps me here, Nothing makes me stay.

~ Michael Rey & Sal Vigil ~


~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on December 9, 2014.

3 Responses to “Nothing Keeps Me Here, Nothing makes me stay”

  1. Another Beautiful Song Wrote By Michael Rey I Love All His Music

  2. Michael Rey This Song Tugs At My Heart You’ve Done A Great Job From Beginning To End On This Song Wow After Hearing Listening To It A Few Times I Absolutely Think This Is A Great Hit Song I’m Totally Blown Away With Your Song Writing Skills

  3. I can’t even express my love/like for this song. I love it! It’s amazing from beginning to the very end. All your songs are awesome but, I would have to say Michael, this one is by far is my fave!!

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