#Hell to Pay Nashville Recording Coming Soon!

Hello folks! It’s been a long time in the making for sure. Hell to Pay is now becoming a Nashville Recording. We have chosen the finest studio musicians we could find. We chose a great Producer that has been involved in charted Billboard country songs to Produce the song. Since we specialize in recording one song at a time, it takes a little longer to have the song/s cut. We will be pitching the song to Major Artists such as, Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, and many Rebel song Artists.  We really appreciate all of the support you have given us this past year. We are in your debt. Since I am strictly a songwriter, the methods of how our songs are handled, are very different. When the Nashville version of the song has been completed. We cannot share that version of the song with you. Major artists want the songs they receive fresh & new. We can send you a link to our version. All you have to do is request it. You can learn much more about Michael Rey – Country Songwriter by “Clicking Here”.



~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on October 27, 2014.

One Response to “#Hell to Pay Nashville Recording Coming Soon!”

  1. Michael Rey Is The Best CountryMusic SingWriter I Know This Song Will Be Great Like The Other Songs He’s Wrote

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