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I’m not longer a member of Reverbnation but, for almost 3 years I was. I was registered in the Country genre. Reverbnation has great tools for the musician to use to try to gather fans from all over the world. They have campaign programs for most social media sites. They have campaign options for most of the top download sites. Reverbnation has a charting system for local, global, and combined genre’s.

I figured out the strategy of Reverbnation.  You can give a Mechanic a box full of tools. But, it doesn’t make him a great mechanic. I believe Reverbnation operates under this concept. The basic tools are offered free. All the other required tools cost money that most musicians don’t have.

Reverbnation seems to put all the musicians in a sort of Marathon. A race, if you will. But in  this race, one can cheat. A musician can buy Facebook “Likes”, plays, views, just about anything to get up to the top of this race. The charts.

Being a musician myself, I’m very competitive. Which means, I’d do just about anything to win.

I have to ask myself, does a potential listener come to Reverbnation to buy or listen to music? I may stand corrected later, but I don’t they potential music buyers go to Reverbnation to buy or listen to music. I believe they’re referred by musicians. This places Reverbnation is a very sweet spot. Think about it. Most of the referrals come from musicians. All reverbnation has to do is provide purchasable tools for the musicians, download options for listeners and you’ve got a never-ending money-making system. Hint: not for the musician.

Exposure on Reverbnation? Yes. But think about it. Lets say there’s a black marble on 3000 square foot floor. This floor is covered with black marbles. And I ask you, “can you see me?” Your answer will be clear. Yes, but which marble are you?

This is the reason I’m going to try driving traffic here to buy my music as it becomes available.

There has to be an answer to this. more to come…..boxing-punch

Well, here is the more to come. I know spelling & stuff is off.  I write songs, not novels. But I believe there is a point. 

  1. Reverbnation is Music internet service for the Singer/Songwriter that uses the competitiveness (Charts for individual States & National) to entice the competitive nature of the Singer/Songwriter for profit.
  1. Reverbnation is all about money. Not about the Singer/Songwriter.
  1. No Singer/Songwriter to date, that I know of, has ever landed a publishing deal, or a record deal through Reverbnation.
  1.   Reverbnation provides a money making platform for Reverbnation only. At the same time tapping into the Singer/Songwriter hopes and dreams to make it big. What an endless fuel supply to draw from.
  1.   The tools Reverbnation provides makes for easy pickings. They’ve even hooked up with Major Digital distribution sites. Everyone wins at the cost the musician’s hopes & dreams. No person looking for music is going to find any given Singer/Songwriter’s music. Reverbnation is counting on the fact that the musician will draw consumers to the Reverbnation site. After all it’s all about money. Not the musician.
  1.   I’ve found all of the music sites run based on this principal. Money, money. I’m not saying the consumer doesn’t benefit from this. Because they do. Good ole Singer/Songwriter tells you about his music and where to find it. There you go. For the Singer/Songwriter doing this he’s punished with having to give a partition of his song sale to the site. Consignment is what it is.
  1.   I believe every Singer/Songwriter’s journey begins with the song & his/her voice, or a singer’s voice. If the song isn’t there, there is simply no career. Poor Singer/Songwriter has been hearing all his life, (me included) how good they are. You’re going to be a star some day. I wish I’d been taught early on that it takes many, many poor one’s to make a great one ( I hope that makes sense). If there was a formula for writing hit material, everyone would be doing it. A great song doesn’t care who sings it. But it does help the song’s chances of success.
  1.   I have a simple formula. (Great Artist + Great song = Hit). That doesn’t mean $$$’s. It means there is a great platform to launch from. If you have a simple site and your music is selling. You’re one step ahead of the game. This formula doesn’t include Reverbnation at all. They don’t care if Singer/Songwriter quits. The next one will come along.
  1.   Reverbnation offers great tools ( to promote yourself, hooks w/bait $$) to stay in Reverbnation’s game (race if you will) that no Singer/Songwriter ever wins.
  1. Selling songs on Reverbnation isn’t easy. Google doesn’t recognize a search such as “buy original music”. Reverbnation should be all over those keywords. But they’re not. They don’t have to be. Singer/Songwriter is telling all their friends and family where to go. Why should Reverbnation pay Google, when the Singer/Songwriter is doing it already. The tools Reverbnation provides are designed to keep the Singer/Songwriter in a game they’ll never win. Sad, I tell you.
  1. This Charting system Revernation uses is built to have Singer/Songwriter compete with each other on State by State basis, and a National competitive basis. This is the system Reverbnation uses as a platform makes tons of money. (Hint: the greyhound will never catch that fake rabbit that goes in circles).
  1. EPK (Artist Press Kit) is nothing but a money maker, $5.00 a whack. There are no A&R rep’s (Music Industry Professionals) Googling or offering anything to the Singer/Songwriter as far as requesting EPK’s.
  1. Reverbnation never makes mention of the song. The song what this whole Music Business about. Isn’t it? It’s all about the song.
  1. Think about it. If the Recording studio in all Major Music Cities were really honest, how many songs do you think would be recorded? Does the Recording Studio say, “No this song isn’t cutting it, bring the song back when you polish it up”. Heck no, they don’t say that. They say, “Come on in, we’ve got a great set up for your to lay down your tracks”. The invention of the “Home Studio” has made every musician a “Producer”, “Engineer”.  Terms I see all over the internet on Music sites.
  2. I know I suck at Producing & Engineering. I won’t even go there. But I do realize I can make an Okay recording to get my point across when I am discussing the song with a Producer. Once the Producer and I, have discussed the song’s direction. I hire him or her to emulate (make the song even better) the song. I can sing okay to get my songs point across, I know others sing better. I do play a few instrument’s, I know there are others play better. I write Country Music songs, I know there are better songwriters. My point is I pay the most absolute attention to every detail of the song lyrics, chords, emotions before I ever step foot into a studio. If a song is performed by using a guitar, and a vocal and you knock a crowd off their feet. There is no reason to add all the drums, bass, and guitar. That’s what a Producer’s job is. One thing is for certain. Without the song itself being in the mix, there is no music business. 
  1. I just threw this write up together, so I could share with you my point of view. I do have a game plan, “Marketing Strategy” and a plan to sell my songs. I just have not shared it. Because I don’t know if it’ll work. 2015 will provide the answers either way. But I’m not going to quit. I’ve come too far.

If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to share with you something. You maybe a musician, or a valuable listener. None the less, I think you’ll get the picture. So, with that said I’d like to share with you “my process” (not necessarily the right one, but it’s how I do ever song I write) of my song from start to finish.

Here’s the home recording (this includes all the months I spent drafting & redrafting the lyrics, emotion, and overall feel of the song before recording) of my song is called,

“You Can Lean Your Love On Me”. Is this song emulated?

Vocal/Guitar home demo: https://soundcloud.com/michaelreysongs/xx-1/s-vvCfF

Emulated Nashville demo: https://soundcloud.com/michaelreysongs/xx-1/s-vvCfF

To me, a Hit song, or a song for sale on any platform requires a marketing (getting the song out there to as many people as you can) strategy. To accomplish this, I have to WOW the “Music Industry Professional” listening to this song in 30 seconds. Or, he’ll shut the song off.  Many times, this includes you, “the valuable listener”.

Please feel free to leave any comments.

Warm regards,

Michael “Rey”

~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on April 1, 2014.

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