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Hello folks, yes it’s true, after years of studying my Country Songwriting Craft I will be moving to Nashville Tennessee. I will arrive in Nashville Tennessee in God’s time. The songs I plan to record 12 are not posted anywhere on the internet. I have been polishing the songs for quite some time now. Yes, I have recorded in Nashville before, via Skype & phone. Those songs are “Frame by Frame” “Do those THINGS!”.

The songs are very well recorded and produced by talented Nashville Music Industry Professionals.

When do get settled in Nashville, I would like to meet with my Producer to discuss searching for the sound that I hear in my head that could give my songs the boost they need to be “just different enough” to give them an edge that they need for placement opportunity with Major & Independent artists, TV, Movies and Film & perhaps the Record Labels. Or perhaps, connect the song with a younger artist just starting out his/her career.

I am a Country Songwriter first & foremost. My primary goal is to connect one of my songs with the right Artist at the right time. Hopefully, this will help to futher his/her career tol launch as an Artist, and mine as a Country Songwriter.

Industry Professionals say that Songwriting alone isn’t enough these days to get your song heard. I understand what they’re saying. But I refuse to believe this. I believe the right song connected to the right artist (Major or Independent) will increase the chances of all parties involved by 500%.

With today’s Social Media platforms, and many other ways to reach you “the listener/fan” I believe this to be a great opportunity more than ever to reach Industry Professionals. Of course, this is only my opinion.

Please keep following my Blog. Clink the links on my site and explore the world of Michael Rey – Country Songwriter.

For more up to date information on & everything that is going on in my world connect with me on Twitter at: Michael Rey

aaaLinkedinMuch more to come….stay with me…

~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on April 1, 2014.

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