About: Frame by Frame (Daddy – Daughter Country Wedding Dance Song)

I’m  Michael Rey – Country Songwriter,

I’ve been writing and recording my original country music for years.  I have written many songs throughout my career. Many fast, slow, mid-tempo, waltz’s you name it. “Frame by Frame” (Daddy Daughter Country Wedding Dance Song) is just one of those songs really took me. So I ran with it.

The idea of “Frame by Frame” came about when my oldest daughter “Teela” made me stop and think, “How will I deal with letting her go to marriage?” How would I handle myself when my oldest daughter Teela (seen below) would marry?  I couldn’t remove that thought from head quickly. But, I kept the idea of a song fresh in my mind for years. Not after writing down the idea first. There’s only one chance to dance the first dance at her wedding.

Teela 7

This is Teela at 2 years of age

Teela now

This is Teela today. She’s a respiratory therapist

I recorded a very rough Demo of the song. I’m a little shy to share the sound of that version. Believe me, it was rough.  I sat on the song until one day I was going through my old material. Whala! Not only could I play much better. I could write much better as well.  So, in January of 2013 sat down with my guitar and wrote the version you hear today. I sent and Mp3 demo and had the song produced  professionally in Nashville. I was pleased with the outcome.  After listening to the song 10,000 times I decided to make a “Music Video” of the song by “Clicking” the picture below..

Frame by Frame Country Wedding Song

The idea of using frames of pictures and video footage is very nice. I use particular ages of Teela in the song. Because she was so cute at those ages. The melody is warm and friendly. The payoff in the song is nice too. The chorus is easy to sing along with, and memorable.It leaves me with chills to this day. I’m proud of this work. I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

I hope you can get on our preorder list, or if you have any question about the song or upcoming products surrounding Frame by Frame. Please email us at: 

Frame by Frame - Bedroom scene

We used a fantastic Cast & Crew.

Camera & Set Crew in Action

Camera & Set Crew in Action

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We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you very much,

Michael “Rey”

~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on April 1, 2014.

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