Frame by Frame by Michael Rey – Country Songwriter

Frame by Frame

I Think the best Country Wedding song you’ll never hear, is a song
called “Frame by Frame” written by Michael Rey – Country Songwriter sung by: Tim
Cooper. The song will be available on DVD, CD,
or as a package deal with official certificate of dates soon. YouTube will provide the information soon.

The song is from Father and Daughter perspective. It’s very descriptive and rounded. It pulls you
into the Father’s way of coping with losing his daughter to marriage. It’s not a
sad song, rather, a song of inspiration. Until now you may have never heard it . Frame by Frame can be heard by thousands of listeners. Soon YouTube will show the video as a teaser. You can only listen to “Frame by Frame” in its entirety very soon “Frame by Frame” will be available as a Super single from the information provided on the Youtube teaser.

Frame by Frame will never die or get old as long as boy’s and girl’s are born, brought up,
and growing to adulthood. Father’s and daughters, Frame by Frame was written for you on your Special Day. “Frame by Frame” the perfect wedding song. In my opinion. The Father Daughter dance is

Best Father Daughter wedding dance song I’ve ever heard

~ by Michael Rey - Country Songwriter on February 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Frame by Frame by Michael Rey – Country Songwriter”

  1. Yes. Write the truth. : )

  2. The attention this site gets will be improving now that I have more material I’ve written to refer to.
    Thank you for you input,

    Michael Rey

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