You won’t believe I wrote this song

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Michael Rey Country Songwriter



I want it back

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Almost a year and a half ago I stared writing the lyrics for this song. I sought outside help from other co writers, but nothing seemed to fit the bill musically. Yes, I admit there were many other good versions. But, I was after great. There was just something missing in the chord progressions we were coming up with. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Emotion was key. Without emotion being supported by the chords, all I had were great lyrics. So, the song sat for a year. During that time, I was messing around with a chord progression, and I started singing the lyrics to “I want it back” like I had been singing the song for years. It just goes to show you, that in time, everything falls together.

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I want it back

Temper’s flaring, hurtful swearing,
This tension’s so thick it can be stirred
Sleeping separate, waking up feeling desperate,
We’re down to dirty looks instead of words

I want it back, back before time smothered the flames,
I want it back…
To when you answered when I call your name
To ending phrases with I love you,
To sharing dreams and making love…
The way we used to do….
I want it back

Constant clashes, Spiteful lashes,
Praying hasn’t help us beat these odds
Painful presence, feeds empty in our essence,
Can’t you see we’re both being robbed

I want it back, back before time smothered the flames,
I want it back…
To when you answered when I call your name
To ending phrases with I love you,
To sharing dreams and making love…
The way we used to do….
I want it back

When did our desire suffer this fall
How could we let the darkness, start building this wall

Michael Rey – Country Songwriter © 2017 (BMI)
Twitter: @Michael__Rey


Michael Rey – Country Songwriter Website under construction

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As we come into the fall season I look back on this great year of 2016. I realize just how far we all have come. We’ve grown, you have grown with us. We are constructing this new Website so you can be a part of what our support team does. The Website will offer you more incite, and allow you to easily be an active part in the songs process. The new site will “Share” buttons for most social media platforms. Updates on the songs. Who and when we pitch the song to. There will be a review section so you can leave your comments if you choose to do so and much more. Below is a picture of one of our pages. “Click” the picture and visit the site. Or “Click here” to let us know if there are any changes or additions we can make to make your stay more exciting.

Being a Country Songwriter is probably the hardest profession I could have chose. We songwriters don’t get a whole lot of glory. We don’t perform on big stages, we don’t really acquire a fan base. We don’t really get known at all. We do lots of work for the artists that perform the song. Behind the curtains is you will. My job as a songwriter is to cover every single possibility of weakness in the song and make it as strong as possible. Not easy. Every year I learn something new about my craft. The one thing I’ve learned, and I never will forget is, “Write Timeless” songs. “Trending” songs are great too. But the “Timeless” songs are the ones that stick with a listener for a lifetime.  I rely on your feedback, I try to make you be a part of the songs growth stages. Many of you can attest to that. My main goal is to earn your support on getting the songs I write out there to other listeners just like you. If we can be a voice for the song, together we can scream to the world. “Sing me”. God bless.


CheeLecTables | Hatch, New Mexico Green & Red inspired Chile figurines

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We are confident you will love these Cheelectable figurines. Each one is hand crafted by Michael Rey personally. No carving or sculpting involved. Just stretching, twisting and bending, pulling and hand painting every piece. This is your chance to own one of these absolutely (no two are ever alike) unique Cheelector’s items. We will showcase one Cheelectable every month. Pictured below, is our first piece.  Collect them all until you own the entire collection of these adorable little Hatchm New Mexico inspired green & re Chile Cheelectables. The “Cheelector’s Series”.


(*Dimensions): 6 – 8 inches in height. 3 -4 inches in width.  Weight: 1 – 2/12 lbs) Constructed of a polymer and glazed with a hard high gloss finish)


How do you support your habit?

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Sometimes I consider my habit a blessing and a curse. Through the years I’ve supported my habit with many jobs. From my military career to owning a Mexican restaurant. I’ve never been one to ask for handouts or accept charity. What I am comfortable with is asking for something, and giving something in return.ChileViolinPlayer Which brings me to my habit. My name is Michael Rey, and my habit is “Songwriting”. I believe, to be the best at something, one has to work as hard, or harder than the best. Or, at least make the same sacrifices the best are making. If you’re not familiar with my work you can “Click here” to find out more about me. Back to my habit. I got out of the restaurant business to pursue my songwriting career full time about a year ago. During this time I have been able to hone my songwriting craft and composition skills a great deal. Unfortunately, to be competitive and to stay competitive in today’s Country music market, the Music Industry professionals  (not in all cases) require the song demo’s be professionally done. The songs I write,  we send to “Record Labels, Publishers, A&R rep’s, Music Supervisors) must be top notch to have a fighting chance. It’s not enough to have a great song done on a home recording studio. Unless of course you are already well connected or knows somebody who knows somebody. Recording a great sounding demo requires the use of Million dollar recording studios, the best musicians, producers, engineers and Demo singers available. This is where my habit starts to cost. All of these professionals must be compensated. To accomplish this, I have decided to give you the “Listener” an opportunity to own something near and dear to me. Something I can make with my own hands that will help fund “My habit”. Songwriting & “Recording costs”. I believe it’s a great way to give back to you for giving to song. With this said, I introduce to you my “CHEE – lec- TABLES” A piece of me to you.  For helping me to support my habit. StandUpBassPlayer

“Rose Hendren – Brito” – Interview

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American Country Songwriter Rose Hendren-Brito may be a new name to the songwriting industry, but Rose has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. She was born and raised in a small farming and ranching community in Eastern New Mexico. Rose grew up in a large family; she is the eleventh out of thirteen children. Growing up in a small town there was not a lot for kids to do. Rose would often spent time alone writing poems, which in time inspired her to write lyrics. With the love of music and the love of writing, Rose and her siblings would often get together and sing each other songs that each of them had written. Some songs were crazy, some were true, but they would always lead to Rose singing her favorite songs “Crazy” and “Bobby McGee” for everyone. Rose enjoys listening to all types of music, but country will always be her favorite. She grew up listening to her favorite artists such as Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones and Don Williams – who are still her old time favorites to this day. Her current favorite country artists are, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, just to name a few. Rose said that sometimes song lyrics just pop into her head so she scribbles them down and adds them to her pile of lyrics that will eventually be used in a song. Rose also said that writing is therapeutic and there is no particular style or time in which she likes to write, but when she writes she prefers being alone and doing it the old fashion way, with pencil and paper. However; she is open to trying different types of song writing techniques. Although Rose put her song writing dream on hold while she and her husband worked full time and raised two daughters, she would always write in her spare time. Now that her children are grown, Rose feels that this is the perfect opportunity to follow her dream of becoming a professional songwriter and hopefully learn to play the guitar. Teaming up with singer/songwriter Michael Rey, Rose and Michael wrote their first song together “Kiss Me” and are finishing up the loose ends on their second song “Drive On”, and Drive On, is exactly what she intends to do. Rose hopes to keep writing with Michael Rey for as long as possible and together create memorable songs that last a lifetime. Rose said she knows it would be impossible to become as great of a song writer as Willie Nelson, or Kris Kristofferson, but she would be blessed just to come close. Rose also has a great love of animals, and hopes to one day follow another big dream of opening up her own foundation for helping animals.


Memorial Day 2016

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I spent many days wondering if I was being thought of back home. Then I remembered why I was where I was at. It helped me stay motivated while I did my job. Defending our Country. Have a great Memorial day 2016

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